How to stop condensation dripping off your toilet cistern or tank
for zero cost

by Michael M

When your toilet cistern is filled direct from the water main, it often makes
the cistern so cold that condensation builds up on the outside
and eventually this drips off on to the floor.

Here's an idea from an 'old school' engineer that really works.

It doesn't stop the condensation build up, only totally replacing the toilet will do that,
but it will stop the condensation from dripping on to your floor.

you will need: 
• a shoe lace and a glass jar.

That's it!
Now just follow the instructions.

The shoelace mustn't touch the sides of the jar.

The shoelace must go the full width of the cistern but only hang off one side.
Here in red to make it clearer.

The shoelace acts like a wick and the water just runs along it and down into the jar.
With a little experimenting the jar and lace can be tucked right out of sight.
Now no more wet floor and it hasn't cost you a cent.

Just remember to empty the jar occasionally, you'll be surprised how much water collects in it.